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Nov 19, 2018

In this SEO podcast episode, Rebecca talks about the changes that occurred within the SEO industry in 2018. It was a very busy year for SEO and Rebecca walks through the highlights so you know what is important. She then wraps up with a list of SEO takeaways you should use to compete in SEO in 2019.

Nov 13, 2017

In this podcast episode, Rebecca talks about the importance of blogging and how it is good for SEO and the soul. She discusses the role blog posts have in marketing and why they are critical to website promotion efforts.

She reiterates the fact that blogging is designed to positively impact not just business, but it...

Jul 31, 2017

In this week’s podcast episode Rebecca chats with Sara Dunn and performs a post SEO Bootcamp check-in.

The two talk about Sara’s prior SEO knowledge, her experience at SEO Bootcamp, and how this SEO education shifted her web development business and the search traffic of her clients.

Sara details her misperceptions...